About Kay

Wow, A whole page just about me. This is neat!  Ha ha.

Well, I’m a designer.  I worked several years as a high-end home furnishings designer and as an art teacher before meeting my wonderful husband and having two active little boys.  I love being a mom and love watching my oldest blossom into a designer himself!

Designing is fun. I love taking a creative idea and working with it until I come up with something truly remarkable, and personally significant. Not only that, I enjoy creating something that tells an inspiring story. So I designed and artfully wrote our family initial in a way that shows everyone what our family is all about.   It was brilliant.  Then I realized.. there’s so many possibilities for what we can create with this art form! For one, this would make a lovely present for a new parent, a retiring friend, a respected teacher, or a beloved serviceman.  It’s a beautiful thing to make people smile when they see their individual, hand-crafted monograms for the first time.

So here I am (smiling as I’m typing this). I’m so thrilled to be able to use my talent in helping you create your own meaningful art. I can’t wait to get started working with you!

Kay has a degree in Fine Arts – Interior Design. She immersed herself in the furniture industry,  specializing in decorative accessories and lighting, and creating numerous bestsellers for her company.  She now lives in Virginia with her husband Art and their two children Daniel, and Gabe.  When she’s not racing cars with her two boys, she grows magical gardens and dabbles in awe-inspiring art projects.

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